2017 Subaru Levorg Review – Subaru’s All-Paw Sports Estate Gets An Update – Car Keys

Subaru has always excelled in making cars that are capable, flawless, but also quite weird, and there are few cars on the market today quite as idiosyncratic as the Levorg.

But the bizarre of a man is weird, and the Levorg has sometimes met a little confusing: not efficient enough or convenient to be a daily motorway driver but not sporty enough to be a good field of drivers despite the aspirations of both.

To solve some of these problems, Subaru has slightly improved the Levorg with a few extra kit pieces and revisions to the CVT gearbox to make it supposedly a little more sporty. Did this work?

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2017 Subaru Levorg Review – Subaru’s All-Paw Sports Estate Gets An Update – Car Keys

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