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BMW has never done that a clean car supercar: the M1. This is a slice of a rare automobile legend and one to which we had to have a deeper look. Attention: characteristics of porn music and velvet.

When you think of the 70s supercars, you tend to think of Lamborghinis and Ferraris – the great things that make a nice noise and go very quickly. You do not think about BMW, is not it?

We can not blame you. This is a brand that is not really synonymous with supercars. Fast fairs, yes, but a supercar? Well, in the late 70s, BMW actually produced a supercar, the M1. Very little has been achieved and its development is fraught with delays, financial problems and mobile messages.

It is a pity that the M1 does not do as well as possible and should have. This lasted from 1978 to 1981, not a huge amount of time in someone's book, and then it was supposed to have run his little socks on the track. Instead, BMW was trying to sell enough of them in order to qualify to enter the races through a rule change at the last minute, which meant that a number of cars had to be Sold before they could race.

It was also supposed to be much earlier than it was. An agreement reached with Lamborghini to produce the car became more sour than a pint of double cream left in an oven and BMW almost finished without a car.

This is however a wonderful thing. The big red monster that we had created such a presence where it was happening, even though driving with open windows was a necessity (without air conditioning, of course, and the heat leak in the cabin pushed To too much, I lost 2 pounds) and the Heckles, screams and endless "What Ferrari is this, man?" I did not despise myself.

Driving in the countryside was fun, although its width and its old controls made passenger trucks, buses and other a nightmare. Driving into town, however, was a different experience. Tight London side roads and suicyclists make driving a Behemoth such as the M1 a dictating proposition that it would have been when it was new.

Even though it is giant, unknown and difficult to drive, the BMW M1 was really special. It was a car whose fans knew so few things that fans love (we met a guy at the shoot that was low on the knee when he saw it), c & Is a very special beast. If you see one, remember this: this is not a Ferrari …

Engine: 3.5 liters right six
Power: 277bhp
Couple: 243 lb
0-62 mph: 5.9 seconds
Maximum speed: 163 mph

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BMW M1: The Forgotten Supercar – XCAR

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