BMW VISION NEXT 100 on the street – presentation drive (2017)

BMW VISION NEXT 100: A vehicle for future mobility. BMW self-driving car
From the driver to the "ultimate driver" – thanks to digital intelligence. "Alive Geometry" allows intuitive interaction between the driver and the vehicle. The "Boost" and "Ease" driving modes allow controlled operation by the driver or the vehicle. "Companion": The intelligent digital partner connects the driver and the car. Brand BMW exterior. BMW Self Driving Car Materials of the future.
From the driver to the Ultimate Driver – BMW Self Driving Car through digital intelligence.

In the future, BMW drivers will always want to spend most of their time in their car driving. In the BMW Auto driving BMW VISION NEXT 100, the driver will remain firmly focused, with constant connectivity, digital intelligence and advanced technologies available for support. But that's not all: the BMW VISION NEXT 100 will turn the driver into an Ultimate Driver. So, even though the world may change, Sheer Driving Pleasure is here to stay – and will be more intense than ever, even in the BMW Auto Driving Car.
When designing the BMW VISION NEXT 100, the starting point was the interior of the BMW Self Driving Car. In the years to come, the well-being of the driver will become more and more important, and rather than just feeling in a machine that behaves, they should feel that they are sitting in one that has been specifically designed for them. This idea has given rise to an architecture in which the BMW Self Driving Car cabin looks particularly spacious compared to the overall size of the vehicle while retaining the typical exterior lines of a BMW. Despite its BMW Auto Driving dome-shaped interior, the BMW VISION NEXT 100 retains the instantly recognizable athletic silhouette of a BMW sedan.

Video credits to AUTO ACADEMY YouTube channel

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BMW VISION NEXT 100 on the street – presentation drive (2017)

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