Brake fluid change to Honda NC750X

Here's how I changed the Honda NC750X brake fluid.
The brake fluid absorbs the water from the air and changes color.
The water and water mixed with dirty brake fluid, tip at a much lower temperature than the brake fluid clean, so the liquid should be changed regularly. Especially if you drive mountains or go to a circuit.
OWERFLOW, need to turn the container horizontally.
I've also changed the brake pads, so after pushing the pistons for new pads, the fluid level is back to maximum, as if it's new.
With an 8 mm wrench loosen the air screw and secure a tube. The tube prevents the air from reaching the braking caliber. Open the air screw slightly. Not even as much as I did first.
Now, when you squeeze the brake lever, the old fluid comes out.
Loosen the screw so little that the liquid will not come back easily, like a minute on the clock face.
I do not want to mix the new fluid with the old one, but I have to be careful not to bring air into the system (again). Sometimes the opening of the air screw does not work and you have to do it in sequence: starting with the air screw, close the brake, tighten the screw slightly and close it immediately when the lever goes down, release level and tighten again, open and close the screw, release and tighten the lever, etc.
It took less than 100 ml to extract the clean fluid from the air screw.
So ready to close the air screw, the work is done.

Even with the rear brake.
With the NC750X, it seems best to release the rear fluid reservoir and remove it rather than removing the plastic side panel. I did not change the rear pads this time, so the tank is not full because the brake saddle piston came out a bit to compensate for the wear of the pads . I do not completely fill the container. Otherwise, it will overflow when I change the playback pads.

Video credits to Matti Naskali YouTube channel

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Brake fluid change to Honda NC750X

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