Car Insurance In Ireland – Reduce Your Auto Insurance Costs Up To 71%

Go To: Car Insurance In Ireland Is Still Quite Expensive, But This Video Has 7 Simple Tips and fast to reduce the cost of your Irish car insurance (by as much as 71%). They will work no matter where you live, how old you are, what your driving record is, what kind of car you drive, or how many penalty points you have!

Auto insurance in Ireland began to become more expensive again. Despite falling costs for many years, it seems like many insurance companies want to take advantage of the recession to return to the time when the Irish auto insurance market was 100 times more profitable than our neighbors in the UK!

Here are 7 simple tips that will significantly reduce your car insurance premiums … no matter where you live … your age … your car … your driving record … or how many points of penalty you have!

Pay More "Excess": "Excess" is the amount you must pay for any claim you make. In other words, if your excess is $ 200, you will only receive money from your insurance company if your request exceeds this amount. Some policies are not excessive; some have 500 € or more. Basically, the higher the excess, the lower your insurance premium will be.

Reduce your level of coverage: Legally, you must have at least third-party insurance (to cover the damage you cause to others), although most people with (judiciously) add fire protection and theft to that kind of politics. If you have a "full" insurance (where the damage to your own car is also covered), be aware that even if it costs (a lot) more than a third-party's coverage, if you have an accident, the l & # 39; 39, insurer will only pay for what they think the car is worth at the time.
So, if your car is very old, or has a very low value, full coverage may not be worth the extra cost.

Get a "full" Irish driver's license: If you have a temporary learner's license, ask for your driver's license as soon as possible. If you have a foreign driver's license, apply for an Irish license. (Most insurance companies offer a better price when you have an Irish license.) However, you can not trade a license from all countries. For the moment, you can only change one with respect to the other E.U. or E.E.A. Member State (including the British Overseas Territories and Dependencies of the Crown of Gibraltar, Jersey and the Isle of Man), Switzerland, one of the Australian States, Japan, South Korea and South Africa.

Do not park on the street: Some geographic areas will have a history of higher insurance claims and, as such, will attract higher insurance premiums. For example, if you live in Dublin, you can expect to pay a lot more for your car insurance than if you lived in other parts of Ireland. You can compensate for this increase to a certain extent by parking your car in a garage or in a safe off-street location (and informing your insurance company of this fact).

Beware of "named drivers": The cost of naming another driver on your insurance policy will depend on their age, gender, driving history, and a number of other factors. If it's a low-risk driver, like an older woman, it's unlikely that your premium will increase much. In fact, it might not increase at all! However, if it's a male driver, especially a young man, you should expect to pay a lot more. (Do not forget: if a named driver causes an accident in your car, your insurance record may be affected even if you have not even been in the car at that time! )

Protect your reduction of non-claims: Building a reduction in non-claims is incredibly valuable. If you have not made a claim, or if you have made a claim against you, your reduction in non-claims could reach up to 71%! Protect it! As for (usually) a very reasonable amount, most insurance companies will apply "claims protection" to your policy, which will allow you to make a number of claims within a certain time frame while keeping your discount!
In addition, if you change insurer, make sure that it will defer your claim rebate from your previous business.

Get Lots (& Lots!) From Quotes: You can save a small fortune by getting as many quotes as possible from as many Irish insurance companies and brokers as possible. In some cases, the difference may exceed 1000 €! Ideally, you should do it every year because increased competition can affect quotes all the time (which means that even if you already have a good deal, you could still get a better deal next time!). In addition, some insurance companies greatly increase their price after you have sucked with a good deal in your first year or two with them.

The last word: The last tip may seem daunting because of the time and effort required to call all businesses and brokers. However, the good news is that cheaper car insurance quotes in Ireland can now be found online. Go to

Video credits to irelandinsurance YouTube channel

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Car Insurance In Ireland – Reduce Your Auto Insurance Costs Up To 71%

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