Cheap Cars For Sale – Should I Buy A Demo?

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A demonstrator is not a de facto cheap new car. A demonstrator is usually an over-priced used car. If you are thinking of buying one, here are the first three traps you will have to dodge.

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the previous brief life of a protester? In a common scenario, the car was supposedly a senior executive car.

That whole premise could be a lie. That supposedly top executive car could in fact be the big lemon to wipe out all lemons: the car's previous car promotion. The automobile equivalent of the girl who can not say no – to anyone, anything, anytime. Fun for a week, locked in the presidential suite; But not an archer.

Check out the car magazines, review websites – lock, burnouts, hot turns – you really can not say no. Being a motoring journalist is like: What car will I abuse today? Car companies maintain a fleet of automobiles for media abuse. Correction: evaluation of the means. And if they could talk, the first thing they would ask for is a restraining order. Those 4x4s driven along the beach, in the salt water, at 60 kilometers per hour, for the cameras: very funny … as long as you are not the poor bastard who has to own it later.

The demonstrators crash. Often. It's that easy. You do that kind of thing with a demonstrator, the balance of probabilities, there are going to be clashes. I once crashed a Honda NSX – $ 250,000 supercar. Twenty years ago. Sparkly. I mean, why an accident a cheap car? Anyone can do that. It was an interesting telephone conversation with the Honda PR. And you know what? That NSX became a former executive executive too, I guess. After a lot of reconstructive surgery. And intensive physiotherapy.

The point about this is: in all your fantasies about acquiring a cheap new car – correction: demonstrator – correction: ex high level executive – car, once the face the most remote possibility that it could have been crashed And / or beaten? I might want to re-calibrate right there, with expectation.

My strong advice is that if the numbers add up and the deal is, in fact, unbeatable, un-pass-up-able, then you have to treat it like buying a used car. Do some independent research. Get a mechanic – a trusted independent, not the concessionaire's type of service – to investigate the vehicle for both its mechanical health and well-being, and for crash repair evidence. And if you fail the evaluation, do not walk away. Run.

Now that should be enough. As if he had heard the phrase, "I used to be a man," five minutes after a blind date. But there is a third serious impediment to owning a demonstrator of former senior executives. Another hump speed on the way to a demonstrator parking lot in your garage: The discount is probably not enough. Suppose you have a car, the new starting price of the brand, $ 40,000. The same as a demonstrator could be on offer for $ 35,000. Big five out; A 12.5 percent savings. Where do I sign, right?

Incorrect. Because $ 40,000 is the recommended price of the new car. You can probably get $ 4000 from that without even trying. These things are designed to be discounted. But even if you only manage to talk about $ 2500, you're still half the price of that demonstrator – and no motoring journalist or driver of the advertising agency later contextualized as a "senior executive" has had its way with the new. Guaranteed. If you want "abuse", you're going to have to do it yourself. It seems a very cheap insurance for me.

Video credits to AutoExpertTV YouTube channel

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Cheap Cars For Sale – Should I Buy A Demo?

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