Chevy Astro Van Brake Fluid Flush (Replacement) – 1996-2005 – (GMC Safari) 2 MINUTE DIY VIDEO

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This video shows how I rinsed my second generation (1996-2005) of Chevrolet Astro Passenger Brake Fluid. I noticed that the Astro 2000 that I recently bought had a very dark brake fluid. This means that the liquid has not been changed for a very long time. The entire water flush took me about a gallon of DOT 3 brake fluid and about 20 minutes to complete. The work was done on my 2000 Chevrolet Astro Van but yours will be very similar!

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Buy lint-free towels or paper towels
Some plastic water bottles
1/4 "diameter vinyl tube
Zippers (to hold the tube on the purge valve, optional)

1 gallon DOT 3 brake fluid

Here is the link to the DOT 3 Fluid used in the video (I bought two bottles of 32oz and used about one and 3/4 of the second):

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Video credits to MINUTE DIY VIDEOS YouTube channel

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Chevy Astro Van Brake Fluid Flush (Replacement) – 1996-2005 – (GMC Safari) 2 MINUTE DIY VIDEO

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