Dealing with insurance companies trying to deny claims

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Learn more about Oregon Insurance claims and how to deal with adjustment tactics:

"I would like to tell you another story about a case I had recently." The young woman was driving south-east of the 82nd in Portland, with a green light. Already crossed the green light and out of nowhere, someone directs the red light in the other direction and totalises his car, pretty much. Absolutely hit, a lot of material damage to his car.

If you can believe it, the insurance company for the guy who hit him said it was his fault, not the guy who ran the red light. We see this type of behavior of insurance companies all the time. Completely unreasonable claims of legitimate claims, just not to have to pay someone what they owe them.

So she hired me, and we sued the driver. This is the only choice we have had. They would not pay him a penny. They would not pay for property damage to her car, and she had to pay for it. They would not pay for his medical treatment, so we had to pay for it, so we sued the driver. And the deal went on throughout the arbitration, and of course, the referee said, are you kidding? How could it be his fault when this guy clearly ran the red light?

Well, it was a case that we were able to do two things: one for her was getting her compensation for the injury she sustained in the accident of Car because it was very touched. The other thing we could do was get something called diminished value for the car itself. When your car is very hit in a car accident and the repair shop is able to repair and put it back, it is not worth it to be before. So there is a diminished value, and a loss of value there.

So we sued for these two things, and we sued under a law of Oregon that did something we like to do, which allowed the insurance company to We pay instead of charging our customers. The typical case of personal injury, the client must pay the lawyer out of the money they get at the end of the deal.

In some situations, the insurance company or, or the faulty part, the wrong driver, the person who has done something wrong, has to pay us, and our clients get all the money that 39 They are due to them. And we love it. And that 's what happened in this situation that I' m talking about. My client and her husband had to keep all the money that the arbitrator granted them, and we were paid by the insurance company. We love to do that. "

Video credits to DuBois Law Group LLC YouTube channel

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Dealing with insurance companies trying to deny claims

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