Dynatrac ProGrip Big Brake Installation and Rebalancing of Tires – Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited 2015

So yeah …. I finally got those big brakes on OVERCLOCK3D! I've been procrastinating, because I knew it was going to be a tight fit. I ended up taking my Jeep to World Tour Offroad in Annapolis, MD, and I changed the brakes in front of the store. Then I was able to test the assembly and work with Paul to move the wheel masses and rebalance all the tires. It was a pain in the butt …. but all good now! ProGrips really improve braking … especially in my heavy JK!

The Dynatrac ProGrip ™ braking system comes with larger rotors for the front and rear, which improves braking by moving the calipers from the factory further away from the center line of the aircraft. 39; axle. Increased rear braking power provides balanced braking, reduced nose-down, and significantly improves vehicle control under smooth, strong braking conditions, compared to improvements that only affect the front brakes. Important research has been done to select the optimal front and rear brake pad liners to balance the system and provide additional braking power.

Fully instrumented tests showed lower pressure on the brake pedal and a reduction in stopping distances of up to 30% compared to the standard brakes on a Jeep JK equipped with an elevator of 4 inches and tires of 37 inches. G force measured during moderate braking (1000 psi brake fluid pressure) increased from 0.48 g with 0.63 g series brakes with the Dynatrac ProGrip system.

Another key advantage is that the system installation does not require the opening of the hydraulic brake, thus avoiding the chore of bleeding brakes after installation. In addition, the feel and travel of the brake pedal is improved after upgrading the Dynatrac ProGrip brake system.

The system is a direct bolt for Jeep Wranglers 2007-2017 and it includes:

13.50-inch rotors at the front with unique pillar ventilated cooling design

14.25 "rear rotors with integrated parking brake surface

Stronger caliper brackets designed using CAD / FEA and advanced engineering tools

Unique front and rear brake pads for optimal friction performance

The Dynatrac ProGrip brake system is suitable for Jeep Wranglers equipped with 17-inch wheels (wheel spacers are needed with 17-inch wheels of origin) and the system fits almost all wheels of the wheel. secondary market without spacers.

Video credits to OVERCLOCK3D Jeeps YouTube channel

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Dynatrac ProGrip Big Brake Installation and Rebalancing of Tires – Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited 2015

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