How to Buy a Car: Top 6 Tips to Buy New Cars


How to buy a car: Top 6 tips to buy new cars details of the six main things new car buyers do not investigate but should:

A listener on 2UE radio in Sydney put up a deposit to buy a new car in January 2015. It turns out that the new car – a Suzuki S-Cross – was built in 2013. The compliance plate continued on 2014, and The new car was set for delivery in 2015. Disaster. Get a discount on your next new car if you are really buying old stocks – last year’s model – because you will surely pay for it at the time of the exchange.

When buying a car, check the spare tire. Spare space-saving tires are one of the most enduring frauds in the automotive industry. They are of absolutely no benefit to you in a new car. They are limited to 80km / h, and do not pick up the road very well. Always check the spare tire for your new car at the dealership before paying a deposit – and sometimes you can negotiate to fit a full-size spare when you buy the new car. If it is critical to selling new cars, the car dealer may even launch it for free. If you only drive 15 or 20 km from your home in the suburbs, the space savers are probably fine. But if you get off the road, Even occasionally, do not risk your life by buying a car with a space saver. They are a joke.

Usually do not try driving new cars at night, right? But there are two things you should really check out here: out of the new car, you need to know if the headlights – and particularly the high beams – are adequate. Some new cars are just anorexic in the high light department. Again, not so important if you only ever drive in the city, or suburbia. But very important in the country.

Inside the new car, the opposite applies. Dimmers on instruments are ideal for driving in isolated areas at night – they dim the instrument lights to maximize the night vision out there on the road ahead. Very important. But the big, fat LCD does not usually dim enough (or at all) to drive at night.

There are two ways to lose money in a car. You can pay too much for what is up front, or the depreciation can burn at the end of the offer.

OK – all cars depreciate, but some depreciate like Dresden on the Ides of February 1945. A classic example here was in last month’s Ford Territory Review – which Ford fans hated, mainly because it’s a lemon. Mechanically, as well as on the depreciation front. It is worth doing your homework on depreciation – and here, past performances are excellent indicators of the future.

You do not want to buy a new and nice, and see the manufacturer update it four weeks later. Even a mid life upgrade is a bit of a disaster because a) it usually comes with more standard equipment at the same price and b) the one you bought – the suddenly “old” model – becomes instantly obsolete and your Value takes an immediate hit.
You need to let your keyboard do the walking here: google the car you want and keywords like update, update, plus the current year and next year. Find out what is happening in the near future.

This is what makes the automobile industry with their dogs on the market. When all else fails, and sales have been crushed, the manufacturer leans and drops his pants. Every time. They fire-sell the price in an attempt to prop up or stimulate sales. Usually unsuccessful.

Holden dropped his trousers on the last Cruze and Commodore, and Ford just played the same unworthy card with the Territory. Although none of them put it like this in the press releases …
So I guess it’s good news if you desperately want a Cruze, a Commodore or a Territory … Of course, if you actually bought one of these lemons from the market a few months before, Guess what about the value of your car? It just evaporates. Despair discount by manufacturers bar the same amount of lemon value you own – because used car prices vary directly in line with replacement cost.

So here you go: Six things you probably were not considering while you’re pored over the specs and pretty pix of your next new vehicle possible.

Video credits to AutoExpertTV YouTube channel

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How to Buy a Car: Top 6 Tips to Buy New Cars

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