How To Change Gearbox Oil – Daihatsu Cuore & Mira L512S – Avanzato TR-XX R4 Project Episode 6

Changing the gearbox, transfer case and rear axles of my project vehicle Daihatsu Cuore Avanzato TR-XX R4 . Not a bad job to do once you know where the drain and fill plugs are!

Reference for maintenance specifications (Japanese):

The FAQs:

"So this is a Mira, is not it?"
– Yes, kind of. It is essentially identical to the L500 (specifically the L512S) Daihatsu Mira TR-XX Avanzato R4.

"Do not Mighty Car Mods have one?"
– Again, sort of. They are a very close relative of the Daihatsu MCM Marty is a big fan of. The car in their film Kei To The City (and later Marty conversion project) share much of the DNA of this car.

"Did the car notices lead one of them?"
– Yes! On the RCR UK trip, they drove an almost identical to the UK Cuore Avanzato. I met the owner at the RCR UK meeting. This is actually my Suzuki Cappuccino that they mention in the video about the encounter.

"What does Cuore Avanzato mean, anyway?"
– This is Italian, in fact. "Cuore" means "Heart", and "Avanzato" means "Advanced".

"I drove one of them into Gran Turismo, and he said that it was a front – wheel drive, not an all – wheel drive?"
– They made 2WD / FWD versions of the Miras turbo in Japan, also, the "4" in the name is what denotes the AWD / 4WD / 4×4 version.

"Is this a kei car?"
– Yes, this meets the standards of the kei car, even if it "counts", being a British car, is an interesting question.

"Is this JDM?"
– No, it is a British model, there are some subtle differences / modifications to the British market, but nothing breaks the earth.

"Did they really only made 80 of them?"
– Of the UK road car version, yes, give or take a couple, plus there were about 20 rally-prepared. The Japanese equivalent is much more common.

"Is it a 3 cylinder engine?"
– No, this is a 4 cylinder, Daihatsu JB-JL 16v engine, but it reaches the same capacity limit of 660cc for kei as the three cylinders used elsewhere.

"Is this a turbo?"
– Yes, with a small intermediate cooler.

"How does all-wheel drive work?"
– There is a selectable drive at the rear that comes out of the gearbox with a viscous coupling between the rear differential and the drive shaft to accommodate the difference in speed of the wheels in the turns .

"How much does it weigh?"
– 768 kg, according to the original UK technical data sheet.

"Where can I get one?"
– To be quite honest, it is much easier to find a JDM as an import than a British car, but if you keep an eye on Ebay and the forums, we could come.

"Is it for sale?"
– I'm afraid no, no.

Music of title:
"RetroFuture Clean"
Kevin MacLeod (
Creative Commons License: By Attribution 3.0

Video credits to InitialDave YouTube channel

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How To Change Gearbox Oil – Daihatsu Cuore & Mira L512S – Avanzato TR-XX R4 Project Episode 6

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