How To Jump Start A Car – EricTheCarGuy

How To Jump A Car – EricTheCarGuy

Pretty simple I think. This one went very well and I was happy with the result. I think this video accurately describes the best way to start a dead battery. I would like to thank Jennifer Sharon for sending this question via e-mail to, I thought it was an excellent topic to cover. I wish to organize some sort of contest for the best subject car issue, but I need to work on the details (I also hope to win more submarines, so I think I want to do this part of the competition). In the meantime, if you have a question that you would like an answer to, do not hesitate to submit it at any time in response to this video or visit the EricTheCarGuy forum, or for a direct link to me.

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How To Jump Start A Car – EricTheCarGuy

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