How To Test Engine Coolant Using a DMM

Learn a very simple way to test the condition of engine coolant in your vehicle using only a digital multimeter. The first test is done with or without the engine running once the engine has reached "normal operating temperature" with the radiator cap turned OFF. The 2nd test is done with the engine off. Enjoy!

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WARNING: Working on an engine that is hot or running can be very dangerous. Do as shown in this video at your own risk. The viewer accepts full responsibility for any injury or death that may result from his / her actions or inaction while performing the test indicated in this video. Make sure that long hair has been tied and that no clothes are worn. If you disconnect the battery cable from your vehicle, you may need to reprogram some components. Once the battery is reconnected, always let the engine idle for a few minutes with all the accessories turned off before driving.

Video credits to electronicsNmore YouTube channel

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How To Test Engine Coolant Using a DMM

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