Tesla Autopilot in 700+HP P85D Ludicrous Edition Supercar

I test a Tesla P85D with a power of more than 762 horsepower with a new feature of Tesla called Autopilot enabled which allows the car to drive completely without the driver. Entry of the pilot. This is as scary as it sounds!

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▼ Kevlar Condoms P85D "Ludicrous Edition" Specifications ▼
Combined output 762 HP
0-60 mph 2.8 seconds
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▼ Technical Specifications Tesla P85D Standard ▼
Headroom (front / rear) 38.8 / 35.3 "
Leg room (front / rear) 42.7 / 35.4 "
Shoulder room (front / back) 57.7 / 55.0 "
Hip Room (front / rear) 55.0 / 54.7 "
Capacity 5 adults
Total cargo volume of 31.6 cubic feet
Rear cargo volume (seats up / down) 26.3 / 58.1 cu. Ft.
Front trunk loading capacity 5.3 cu. Ft.
37 'Rotating Circle
Curb weight 4,647.3 lbs
Weight distribution (%, front / rear) approx. 48/52
Configuration type double electric motor
Front Output 221 HP
Front engine torque 244 LB-FT
Rear engine output 470 HP
Rear motor torque 443 LB-FT
Combined output 691 HP
Combined torque 687 LB-FT
0-60 mph 3.1 seconds
Quarter mile 11.6 seconds
Maximum speed 155 mph
Driving range 275 miles

▼ Questions and Answers ▼
[Q] You say that Tesla P85D Playful Edition is a couple of 2000+ that is fake!
[A] In fact, we later declare in the video that more than 2000, as measured by a dyno that is the way most cars are tested. We do not indicate the figure on the specification sheet. Do not hesitate to watch this video to eliminate any confusion.

[Q] The Tesla is not a great car!
[A] A supercar (also known as exotic car) is a very expensive and performing sports car or big tourer. Supercars are marketed by automakers as unusual and include limited production offerings from an "elite" carmaker, standard cars designed for power and performance, as well as models that appeal to more amateur manufacturers small. The Tesla P85D Ludicrous Edition meets or exceeds all these requirements. I do not know why somebody would try to say that this is not a great car when it 's 0-60 faster than a Ferrari FF!

[Q] The Tesla P85D no longer has 700+ HP, you are a bag of foam coated!
[A] This is a Tesla P85D Play Edition that has 762HP, look it up on the Tesla website, this is not a joke.

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Video credits to Barnacules Nerdgasm YouTube channel

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Tesla Autopilot in 700+HP P85D Ludicrous Edition Supercar

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