Tire Warranties: Automotive Expert, Lauren Fix

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Broadcast on: 6/05/2012

When you buy new tires for your vehicle, you can choose to compare the tread wear guarantees. These warranties protect the consumer if the tires are used before the end of the warranty period, assuming the consumer has taken care of the tires. Lauren Fix, the car coach, has more.

• Be aware that treadwear-specific warranties cover the tire for a certain number of kilometers. If your tires wear out, which means that the tread depth is less than 2/32 of an inch of the remaining tread depth, the manufacturer will pay part of the cost of a new set of treads. tires.

• Understand the difference between specific tread wear and lifetime wear warranties. With a lifetime warranty on tread wear, the manufacturer says the tires should last for a while, rather than traveling several miles.

• Be aware that for the manufacturer to consider that your tires are worn, the tread depth should be less than 2/32 inch or less than the tread wear indicators. If this is the case, the tires are not safe, especially if you drive in dangerous conditions such as rain, ice or snow. If you plan to drive in conditions such as these, you need to replace your tires before they reach 4/32 of an inch from the remaining tread depth.

• All tire warranties are in place assuming you can prove that you have properly maintained the tires. The amount that the manufacturer will deduct new tires will depend on the number of miles remaining in your warranty.

• If you buy tires with the longest warranty offered by the manufacturer, you get a tire that the manufacturer considers a high quality tire that does not wear out very quickly.

This low rolling resistance tire offers a 6 year / 90,000 mile warranty and will save you over $ 250 in fuel economy over the life of your tires.

Branded tires with a warranty can provide you with up to two car lengths less at stopping distance and up to 1.5 years of additional driving.

Finding a tire with a warranty is a wise choice. Be sure to also back up the documents. Each manufacturer's tire warranty may vary.

Some tire manufacturers offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on replacement tires for passenger cars and light trucks. If you are not 100% satisfied, return the tires and the original sales receipt to the place of purchase within 30 days for a new set of tires.

Tire manufacturers generally do not offer a road hazard guarantee that an installer can offer.

Do not forget to read the warranties carefully and keep your receipts if you have to make a claim. Remember, sometimes what big print offers, the small print removes.

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Tire Warranties: Automotive Expert, Lauren Fix

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