Top 10 insurance companies in Pakistan

Today, the life of all depends on the risk. So in this fast age you must manage your life through these risks. Suppose you have a car and that, in the event of an accident, it is totally destroyed. So you have to pay for his work. No, you do not have to pay for maintenance, there are insurance companies that will take all their expenses. Same as the car, God forbid, if you have lost your life in the event of an accident, what about your family, how they manage to make a living, so there is a solution To all problems and for this problem, the insurance is the best.

Public life insurance:

State Life is a global life insurance company of Pakistan, it is also the retirement company that offers pensions to the pension holder without disturbing them. There are more plans like health, car insurance, home insurance and other insurance. For more information, please contact 041-3420174.

Insurance UFE:

It is among the leading insurance companies of Pakistan. They have different insurance policies by which they serve the country. They have plans that will show your love and attention to your loved ones by accepting their policy. You can get more details by contacting us on this number 021-32313471-90.

IGI Insurance Limited:

This insurance company providing good policies to the public and its policies includes all types of rates to which the policyholder wishes to operate. They have insurance schemes like health insurance, travel insurance, wedding plans etc.

Jubilee Insurance:

Jubilee life insurance takes care of your dreams and your future. We do not know what will happen with us on the next step, so we should be very careful about this problem that might look for us. In order to reduce this danger sign, jubilee life insurance policy is the best plan for you and your family. For more details, you can call 021-111-111-544.

Postal Insurance:

The head office of Medicare is located in Rawalpindi. It is and trusts a dignified and ancient organization that serves the country since the rule of the British. There are several types of policies that are handled by postal life that includes group insurance, non-medical policy, whole life policy and many others. For more information, please contact + 92-51-9260371.

AIG Insurance Company:

It is a multinational insurance company. This insurance company has very manageable policy programs that most people have agreed to sign after total satisfaction. Their headquarters are in Karachi and you can contact them through this number 021-35205443-4.

United Insurance:

The insurance unit has managed to cover the greater part of the world through its best service policies and they pay special attention to their customers. They take care of their clients after signing the policy. Their policy programs are good and you can have more details about their policies on this issue (+ 92-21) 35621460 – 62.

NJI Insurance:

The insurance company NJI is located in Islamabad and most people of Islamabad have signed their policies and accept their condition because of their location such as it is in Islamabad. They offer child insurance, life insurance, auto insurance and many others. For more information call (051) 2270365.

First Insurance Limited:

To better serve our clients and associated reinsurers, we apply highly professional risk management so that we can write profitable activities for our reinsurers. By striving to resolve claims quickly, they have maintained the trust of customers. For more information, please call +92 21 3241 6331-34.

East West Life Insurance Company:
East West Life Assurance Company Limited was established in 1992 in Quetta as The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited. The company began life insurance business in March 1993 and has made good progress in life and health insurance business, both on the personal and corporate front. At the time of the creation of our business, the Limited Partners were already engaged in general insurance business under the name East West Insurance Company Limited.

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Top 10 insurance companies in Pakistan

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