Top 10 reasons to buy an electric vehicle in a gasoline car in 2017

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This video brings you 10 reasons to buy an electric vehicle in a gasoline car; In 2017

Number 1: Zero exhaust emissions.
Lack of an exhaust pipe means that electric vehicles do not pollute the air and negatively affect health, or add greenhouse gases to the environment.
Clear electric vehicles on gas cars sold in the US Today is an average of 26 mpg along with the accompanying emissions. Even the best hybrids of 38-56 mpg delay electric vehicles while still emitting poisons in the air.

Second: low maintenance cost.
Electric vehicles do not work Combustion engines therefore less moving parts in their powertrains.
Maintenance intervals lack such things as oil changes, replacement of spark plugs and other services required by a complex internal combustion engine and transmission that makes them low maintenance.

Number 3: Drive quietly with the immediate torque.
Electric vehicles drive quietly and give all this without extra charge.
And what's more is that they deliver power differently to combustion engines.
Electric vehicle engines have full torque. Press the pedal and swirl.
The world's fastest production car is an electric vehicle, model Tesla SPD100.
It makes 0-60 mph acceleration in 2.6 seconds.

Number 4: They are subsidized.
Depending on the state in which one lives, as much as one-third of a $ 30,000 electric vehicle price can be subscribed for by state and federal subsidies.
At least one electric vehicle is allowed a federal tax credit of $ 7,500 for a single time.
Gasoline cars are cheaper than electric vehicles, but discounts and incentives are a reward for fostering the adoption of electric vehicles.

Number 5: Electric vehicles are more energy efficient.
A gasoline combustion engine loses 62.4% of the fuel as heat, only 15% of the energy is used to move the car.
The rest is lost by friction and external forces such as aerodynamic drag.
On the other hand, electric vehicles convert the chemical energy into electrical energy at an efficiency rate of 90%.

Number 6: Take advantage of solar energy.
Installing solar panels in your home and switching to solar power will be a game changer.
Solar systems are costly in the short term but may be eligible for tax breaks or subsidies that make it sustainable in the long run.
Using solar power to recharge your car is like buying or renting a car and running it for free.

Number 7: Electric vehicles are some of the safest cars in the world.
It is the dream of every family to have a car that assures them a sense of security in the unit.
Electric cars do not have combustion engines. Therefore, the front is used as frunk for extra storage.
The empty front also offers space to cushion the driver of damage in case of impact during an accident.
The Tesla Model S scored 5.4 out of 5 from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Number 8: Adopt advanced technology and style.
Since electric vehicles have very few mechanical challenges.
Technological advancement is a no-brainer.
Most electric vehicles come with the latest technology in the automotive industry.
Large computers Center consoles; Aerodynamic door handles; Driving autopilot; Application controls for mobile devices; These are some of the default technologies available.

At number 9: electric vehicles are getting cheaper.
When electric vehicles were launched, they were not as popular as they should be. The price of lithium batteries was a bit punitive therefore making them out of reach of the masses.
At present, the cost of batteries has been cut by almost half due to advanced technology and research.
Almost all of the world's automakers are working on an affordable electric vehicle for the mass market.
Tesla will have a final presentation of its first mass-market car, The Model 3. It attracted over 400,000 preorders.
The final inauguration of the production prototype is July 28, 2017. Mass deliveries begin at the end of the year.

Number 10: Reduces dependence on oil.
Since the energy crisis of 1977. OPEC countries have been dictating the global price of oil to oil-dependent countries.
This, in turn, has a negative impact on the economies of dependent countries that affect inflation and the cost of living of their citizens.
With the massive adoption of Electric Vehicles, dependence on crude oil will therefore decline and encourage the adoption of renewable energy sources.
Tesla Inc has made significant progress in this direction, literally turning every home into an energy generator, offering one-stop solutions to the generation of solar energy, storage and recharge of your electric vehicle.
Do you feel that we have forgotten something?
Please let us know what reason you would make buying an electric car on a gasoline car, posting in the comments below.
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Top 10 reasons to buy an electric vehicle in a gasoline car in 2017

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