TOP 10 Tips for Car Insurance CHEAPER 2017 – Lower car insurance rates – by Kevin Hunter

Would you get cheap car insurance rates? Car insurance premiums lower? From the author of "13 Car Buying Mistakes" Kevin Hunter comes this fantastic video. Do your homework and get multiple quotes. This is your ticket to save money on auto insurance!

According to Edmunds:
1. Get more than one rate quote before you commit. "The company 's prices are very different, and it' s advantageous to do the shopping. You can easily cancel the payment of one duplicate at the other," says J. Robert Hunter, Insurance With the Consumer Federation of America, a national control group. Would you like to know who are the cheap carriers? The National Association of Insurance Commissioners offers a map on its website that lists the regulators of each state. Click on your state and you are taken to the website of the Ministry of State Insurance. His consumer buying guide compares insurance premiums across a range of companies. You will also learn how many complaints each company has recorded. Surprisingly, you do not have to sacrifice quality of service to score a lower premium. "Many low-cost companies have the best rates of service," says Hunter. There are a host of independent websites like that allow you to make comparisons by offering online courses.
2. Evaluate the insurance costs before buying your vehicle. The year, the make and model of your vehicle can have a profound impact on your insurance rate. All the rest being equal, new, expensive or sporting cars will cost more than older, cheaper and more utilitarian vehicles. But you might find a significant gap even comparing the cost to insure similar cars. So if you have some models in your short list, contact your operator to see what rate each vehicle orders.
3. Go high on franchises. If you are willing to give a little with your deductible, you can save big gains on your rates. "If you pass a deductible of $ 250 to $ 1,000, you can save between 25 and 40% of your policy," says Hunter.
4. Nix collision and / or full coverage on vintage cars. If your old car has a comp and collision coverage, you might find yourself paying more in insurance than the car is worth. "Take your comp and premium collision and add it, then multiply it by 10. If your car is worth less than that, do not buy the cover," says Hunter.
5. Pay attention to your credit score. A growing number of carriers are considering credit scores when calculating rates. "Your credit score can be very important in determining your rate," says Hunter. "You can end up paying up to 50 percent more if you have a bad credit score."
6. Ask for low mileage discounts. Many carriers offer discounts to insureds whose annual mileage is below the standard. Maybe you have a short ride. Or maybe your participation in the vanpool office results in fewer hours spent in your daily driver.
7. Ask for group insurance discounts. Often insurance companies offer discounts to insured persons who are members of certain organizations or professions, such as veterans, engineers or teachers.
8. Ask for any other discounts. Some carriers offer discounts to policyholders whose vehicles have certain safety features, such as anti-theft devices or motorized seat belts. Others give reduced rates to seniors and students whose grades meet certain requirements. "Many carriers offer discounts. Ask them when you shop," says Hunter.
9. Avoid gaps in coverage. Even a short period of time in coverage may disqualify you from receiving discounts. "They use gaps in coverage to increase your premium," says Hunter. Pay your insurance bills on time.
10. Think twice to pay in installments. Most carriers charge an administration fee to be paid in installments. A carrier questioned levied a fee of $ 10 per installment to those who opted to cancel their bill. The solution? Pay your premium in advance, if possible. Of course, this burden is more important for those who have small premiums.

If you've ever seen "The 26 year old car insurance man – Martin Lewis", you'll enjoy this video.

Kevin Hunter lives in Longview, Washington with his wife Stephanie and his daughters Jackie and Alison. The Business Forum Show, TBFS Radio, Street Wyze, You Do not Know JACKIE, and Children's Stories are just a few shows and studio-based video productions.

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Video credits to Kevin Hunter YouTube channel

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TOP 10 Tips for Car Insurance CHEAPER 2017 – Lower car insurance rates – by Kevin Hunter

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